Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Sacred Grounds Has Closed

I have had to make the tough decision to close On Sacred Grounds after Rod passed away.

Interested buyers or leasors, should contact (509) 993-5897.

It may seem like I have falled off the side of the planet; however, we can remain in touch with the internet.  Using my e-mail, I can be contacted at onsacredgroundsrising@gmail.com  .  I can also be reached on my cell at (509) 951-7039.

For those interested in some Wood-Fire Roasted Beans, please contact my roaster, Tim Curry at 775-856-2033.  He has a great shipping arrangement.  Gotta get them beans!

Thank you, friends, for your support and love through all the good times we've enjoyed at On Sacred Grounds -- the cultural hub of Valleyford!

Elaine Snider

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rerturning from the "Wild West"

Rod and Elaine made it back from the wilds of Arizona; safe and sound.  Rod is responding postively to the experimental cancer tratment drugs from the Mayo Clinic.  While this is a very serious undertaking, we did have a little fun.  We headed east to the Superstition Mountains and made our way along the Apache Trail and visited a restaurant in Tortilla Flat.  GREAT prickily pear ice cream!
 Overlooking Canyon Lake near Roosevelt Dam.
 See what happens when you hang out in the sun too long!

We are back in Spokane for the rest of the month.  Looking forward to seeing our dear customers again!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New SIgn presented by Troop 313

Members of the Valleyford Historical Club look on with awe as Jack Schmitz organized his troop to put up the sign showing the historical places of interest in Valleyford.  Thank you so much for all your effort!  This Eagle Project will be enjoyed by the community for years to come!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Off to Phoenix

This is Odie, Rod's white deaf boxer  (substituting for Elaine).  Have I got great news!  My best friend, Rod, will be participating in an experiemental clinical drug trial to help him manage his myelofibrosis symptoms at the Mayo Clinic.   He and Elaine will be doing a lot of traveling down to Phoenix for treatments this winter.

Here are some photos of the Mayo Clinic and Rod and Elaine.

 They are back in town.  Rod should be in the kitchen on Saturday mornings so come in and say Hi!

I have been busy baking my English Toffee Cookies.  I am offering them as a free will donation to help defray the costs of travel while my best friend seeks treatment.

Rod and Elaine appreciate your prayers.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Look Who Dropped by for Lunch!

Carol, Claudia, Carol S., Mary, Cathy, Janis, Judy, Barbara and Colleen travelled all the way from Tekoa and Oakesdale to meet up for lunch.  As one 'hat' lady to another, do I love your hats!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello!  My name is Odie.  Elaine has given me permission to put this on the On Sacred Grounds blog.  I am a deaf, white boxer.  I am carefully pawing this letter with my nail tips in order to tell you about my best  friend Rod Snider.  I've known him for over seven years.  He picked me from a litter of puppies in Valleyford, WA with his late wife, Judi, knowing that I had a handicap.

We had many good times during those early years together once I figured out what he wanted me to do.  He uses a sign language to communicate his wishes.  I produce a sound with my vocal cords that gets his attention.   What can I say, we understand each other.

Things began to change a year later when he was diagnosed with myelofibrosis. Shortly thereafter, Judi was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She passed away in 2012.  My buddy was very sad for a long time because he missed her.

I noticed how sad he was one day early last spring.  Rod's son, Jeremy, visited us and brought his truck.  It was a cool truck since it rode so smoothly.  I thought a short trip in the truck might cheer up my buddy.  So, I hopped in and sure enough Rod joined me.  We stopped at the Les Schwab Tire Store on Broadway in Spokane.  How I loved the smell of the new tires!  It sure beat the stinky odor of fire hydrants.

As it turned out, a nice lady with a sparkly hat was sitting in the waiting room.  My buddy noticed her too!  Well guess what happened! She became the new Mrs. Snider.  Elaine sure knows how to scratch my ears.  She also sometimes gives me nice treats at dinner time.

Although Rod has really tried to fight this disease, he is starting to lose the battle.  The pills the doctors gave him are not working very well.  Rod tires very quickly.  Due to chronic pain, he doesn't have much energy to play anymore.

The doctors believe an adult stem cell transplant could cure Rod.  Elaine (the lady he married with the sparkly hat) wants to raise money to cover the humongous costs involved.  She loves to bake and has created a delicious English Toffee cookie that she offers as a free-will donation.  

The first step in the treatment process involves typing Rod's biological sister, Beverly, in order to see if her bone marrow is compatible. This identification process costs $8000.  If Bev's bone marrow is suitable, the total cost of the transplant procedure would be cut in half.  Would you be interested in a home-made English Toffee cookie to help my friend?

Visit On Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop/Cafe on any Monday through Saturday to select as many cookies as you would like.  The shop is on 12212 E. Palouse Hwy., PO Box 291, Valleyford, WA 99036.

Elaine's e-mail is onsacredgroundsrising@gmail.com.  If someone would like to have Elaine ship some of her home-made cookies, she would be glad to oblige.  Donations should be made out to Rod's Medical Expenses.  A special account has been established. through the Bank of Fairfield, PO Box 260, Rockford, WA 99030.   Cookie orders can be placed through Elaine's e-mail.  Since I can't say much, please direct your questions about Rod and this fundraising effort to Elaine.  Her daytime phone number is (509) 747-6294.

Thank you for your kind attention,


Rod's Best Friend
Update 11/4/14    

My little tail has been wagging non-stop for the past couple of weeks.  I hope to provide an update within the next day or so concerning the fundraising and transplant plans.  Thank you for checking in and God bless y'all!  

My buddy has good days and not so good days. However, he is extremely touched by everybody's prayers and generosity.  

Elaine's getting better at the cookie making; they do look so pretty. Come by the shop or order some via e-mail (onsacredgroundsrising@gmail.com)

(Rod's Best Friend)

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A little piece of paradise in Cottonwood

Rod & I spent a tranquil & peaceful day & evening at the Inn at St. Gertrude's Monastery.   This order of Benedictine nun's operate a bed and breakfast that offers fascinating history, hiking opportunities or just rejuvinating solace from the busyness of our everyday lives.  I would highly recommend it!

The monastary is located in Cottonwood, ID (about an hour south of Lewiston).  For more information, see their website at www.InnatStGertrude.com