Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guess who dropped by for a cup of coffee!

The Christian Crusaders were returning from a trip celebrating the organization's 35th anniversary in Republic, WA.  They were passing through and could resist a good cup of coffee!

Also passing through, Kevin and Chandler, son and grandson of Doug & Joyce.  Happy trails to one and all.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comin' onto the Dog Days of Summer

It looks like the temperature gage will be kissing the triple digits again today.  Come on in and enjoy the air-conditioned coolness at On Sacred Grounds.  If you notice with the sign, the Palouse Cafe is now open for breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast (Monday - Friday), you may consider revvin' up your motor with some steel-cut oatmeal with honey and bananas, a delicious slice of Quiche Lorraine or delightful bowl of Cherrios or Raisin-bran cereal served with Spokane Family Farm milk.

We still have tasty, organic bagels that I can serve with cream cheese, or melted cheddar cheese.
I can make a ham/egg & cheese sandwich too!  We also have organic cinnamon rolls and sifgnaiyot
(that's a European-style raspberry filled donut). 

We have also added an array of home-made cookin' specials including NY Style Lasagna (with beef & pork), Taco Pie (no, its not very spicy), and made-from scratch hummus!  Give us a whirl! Let Rod & I do the cookin' this week.

When you stop in   ask about the Palouse Picnic speciality planned for Saturday, August 16th.
Reservations required!  Or call me at 747-6294.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Travellin' Around The Palouse on the Fourth of July

So what was your favorite barista up to on her day off?  Taking in the grandeur of Dry Falls with her hubby!  Truly, a breath-taking view.  A wonderful location for a picnic.  A great visitor information center.  Also, a delightful mobile food concern available (food/snacks/and ice cream).  No charge for admission to the visitor center.  A Discover Pass required to access any of the hiking or camping sites.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Too HOT to Cook?

The temperature should hit the 90s. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking!  Elaine has the solution.  

I have half a dozen of Helen's NY Style lasagnas left.  This delightful meal is packed with beef and pork, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, eggs, onions and spices.  Filling and satisfying for
pickiest eater!

This was my Mom's favorite meal to make and includes a lot of love at no extra charge.  $3.99 per serving. Get them while they last!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring has come to Valleyford!

What are two ways that you can tell that Spring has finally come to Valleyford?  Besides the rapidly growing front lawns!

One way is that Spokane County Street sweepers made their way from the South Hill & 57th along the Palouse Hwy to Hwy. 27th.

The other way is the road crew makes their annual journey along the Palouse!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day for a 'decent' cup of coffee

This is the last day Elaine will be working On Sacred Grounds until she and Rod return from their honeymoon on the Oregon Coast.  The wedding will occur at SS Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church in Spokane Valley on Saturday morning, May 3rd.

Keep track of the wedding day activities by checking our Facebook link starting Monday!  Use the link at my website or just look up on sacred grounds coffee shop.

Since things are always hopping at On Sacred Grounds, we celebrated Pat's 39th birthday yesterday. Pat is sitting on the far right side!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Wedding Bells are Ringing at On Sacred Grounds

It's official. The 'paperwork' arrived; we are able to marry.   The wedding date has been set and we are besides ourselves in joy.  We have set the date as Saturday, May 3rd at SS Cryil and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church at 10 AM.

We are planning to honeymoon along the Oregon Coast.  More details to follow!