Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Sacred Grounds Has Closed

I have had to make the tough decision to close On Sacred Grounds after Rod passed away.

Interested buyers or leasors, should contact (509) 993-5897.

It may seem like I have falled off the side of the planet; however, we can remain in touch with the internet.  Using my e-mail, I can be contacted at onsacredgroundsrising@gmail.com  .  I can also be reached on my cell at (509) 951-7039.

For those interested in some Wood-Fire Roasted Beans, please contact my roaster, Tim Curry at 775-856-2033.  He has a great shipping arrangement.  Gotta get them beans!

Thank you, friends, for your support and love through all the good times we've enjoyed at On Sacred Grounds -- the cultural hub of Valleyford!

Elaine Snider


  1. Sorry to hear this news, but I realize how important it is for you to be there to support Rod. Hope you will be able to re-open as you both will be missed.

    Charlie Salt

  2. Lorie Hutson Stucke9:13 PM

    Oh, Elaine. I'm so sorry to hear this news. Thinking of you and sending thoughts of peace and healing to you both.