Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9, 2006

Inland Power and Light has come shining through -- I have power (hot juice) to my shoppe.
I also have two security light poles (one on Madison & one on the Palouse).

You will see mannnnyy ditches. One is for water in (well water) the other is for the septic system (stinky stuff). The third is for electrical, and the last -- well -- would you belive I just got carried away?!

Next, the water and electricity followed by the septic man and the excavator man and then the concrete man and asphalt man.

Man, that is a lot of testosterone ---.

Come on by, if you see the light on -- then someone is home. I can't serve till mid July; but I would enjoy a visit. Hopefully, a 'road' will replace the frontier driveway that currently exists -- it should be in by next week (14th).

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