Friday, February 26, 2010

What's happening at On Sacred Grounds in March?

Please notice how busy March is shaping' up to be!

Our goal is reach the $550 minimum necessary to become a regular drop for Azure Standard -- a wholesale warehouse that specializes in bulk natural and organic products. We are assigned the B-2 route. Orders must be placed by mid-day on March 8th. Delivery is made on March 10th. Call Elaine for more details at 747-6294.

We are hosting our 2nd Artists Playday on Thursday, March 25th. It is an informal group of talented people that would like to meet to discuss/practice/or just hang-out with other creative people. There is no fee.

Marsha Marcuson's show" Echoes from the Field" runs until March 24th. More of her work can be see at her we site: www.marshamarcuson.com . Tobe Robbins' show begins on Friday, March 26th with a reception featuring free pizza, salad, dessert & more. So bring an appetite.

The Valleyford History Club is working on a brochure which will be used for a walking tour that has been scheduled with July's Artists Loose on the Palouse Festival. Please enjoy this edited article that Leroy Hook wrote about Valleyford. He is 94 years young as of this writing and clearly enjoys reminiscing about his youth.

Please notice the paper's sponsors. With their help, 650 copies of this newsletter have been distributed throughout Spokane County.

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