Saturday, February 25, 2012

March Madness in Valleyford

While spring is around the corner, winter still hasn't left the scene yet. As of 'press time', we were being deluged with at least 3 inches of snow! Look to Aubrey's article for some timely inspiration. Please note that the beginning of March is political season and that precinct 9003 will be holding their caucus at On Sacred Grounds on Saturday, March 3rd.

Please note Dian Zahner's artist reception on Sunday, March 25th. It promises to be extra special... (wink...wink...)

Please note that Trish Vieira returns for her cheese making classes. It is great fun, and a way to eat healthy and safe money. Reservations now being accepted.

Did you notice the contest! Answers will be accepted immediately. The winner's name is published next month. Good luck!

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