Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's Happening in March at On Sacred Grounds!

March is roarin' in with a lot of excitement and fun. Please note the regular fun features that are happening weekly: Zumba Exercise Classes and the Thursday Exchange Luncheon.

On Sacred Grounds is hosting 3 special events in March!

Trish Vieira returns for her cheese-making classes. You too can do the cheese dance! Advance sign-up required. Each class is 2 hours and includes samples, lectures, demonstration, recipes, a complimentary drink and bagel!

The first class focusses on yogurt & mozzarella. The second class on making Irish Cream, ricotta, and creamcheese. First class scheduled for 10 AM; second class at 1 PM. Hope to see ya there.
Cost: $35

Please note that the 9B 9003 precinct caucus will be held at On Sacred Grounds. Sign-up begins at 9 AM. Meeting starts at 10 AM.

We will also be offering a tour for residents of Sunshine Gardens on Tuesday, March 6th from 1:30 - 3 PM. This is their day trip for the day.

Any questions, call Elaine at 747-6294.

Artists, don't forget to sign up for Loose on the Palouse! Application is at the top of last month's Clarion posts (for February). Just keep scrolling down.

Thank you.

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