Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October on the Palouse

Fall Has Arrived!

Fall is in the air; the school buses crowd the morning highways, and a calm blankets the neighborhood. Just the time to come in for some delicious Umpqua Oatmeal with fresh banana and local honey! Its tasty and healthy.

Please enjoy this month's on-line version of the Clarion.  We have wrapped up our trip with Harrington.
Where the Wandering Coastie shows up next is anyone's guess.  We are adding more correspondents and advertisers as a result the calendar has shrunk -- but the fun at On Sacred Grounds continues to expand.  Our card club group and luncheon group continues to grow.  New members are always welcome at any of the planned or 'unplanned' activities.

For those of you that have texting phones or smart phones, On Sacred Grounds has introduced a new paperless reward system through PERKA.  Ask Elaine the next time you come in or drive through. Some extra discounts are available to only those users!

Our participation in the Full Circle organic food drop is increasing.  Elaine includes much of the produce in the Thursday Exchange Luncheon so people can savor the freshness!

Please remember to contact our advertisers and at least tell them you appreciate their support.

See y'all soon!