Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exchange Luncheon Special March 14th


Look at what On Sacred Grounds is cooking up for Thursday's Exchange Luncheon!  Twice Baked Potatoes (organic and fresh from Full Circle Produce) with sour cream and sprinkled with cheddar cheese and side of chili with onions and peppers.  Chips are included.

Cowgirl size:  1/2 potato with cup of chili                                 $3

Cowboy size: 2 halves of potato and a bowl of chili                 $5.50

Today's drink of the day is:  The New Yorker Latte   featuring Tanzanian Peaberry Espresso (16 oz dbl shot) with cheesecake syrup and blueberry syrup              $2.75

The first person that comes in and can answer today's Trivia Question will receive a dollar off their drink!

With limited space, reservations are recommended.  Call Elaine at 747-6294 or send an e-mail to onsacredgroundsrising@gmail.com  and let me know how many are in your party and when you would need to be seated.

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