Saturday, March 16, 2013

What a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning listening to the entertaining stories by author Alan Torgerson and his friends Bruce Hunt and Robert Tate.  

They regaled friends and fans this morning at On Sacred Grounds about their 'historic' bike trip across Canada as it is reported in Alan's book "Killer Bees Strike Canada (eh?).  Alan is quite an erudite speaker.  Everyone had a good time.   Dave confessed about what happened one night when he and his college roommate happened to pick up two Canadian women to go on a double date to a movie! Don't worry, it was rated G ;)   . 

Everyone enjoyed themselves.  On Sacred Grounds was glad to host this book signing occasion and look forward having Alan and his friends pop while undertaking some shorter cycling trips this summer.  My only question is that if this was a gathering in which people talked about the bicycling adventures along the Palouse. 

My only question is if this was an event that was celebrating cycling adventures then why is the bike rack empty and the parking lot full?    ;)   [see pictures below]

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