Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comin' onto the Dog Days of Summer

It looks like the temperature gage will be kissing the triple digits again today.  Come on in and enjoy the air-conditioned coolness at On Sacred Grounds.  If you notice with the sign, the Palouse Cafe is now open for breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast (Monday - Friday), you may consider revvin' up your motor with some steel-cut oatmeal with honey and bananas, a delicious slice of Quiche Lorraine or delightful bowl of Cherrios or Raisin-bran cereal served with Spokane Family Farm milk.

We still have tasty, organic bagels that I can serve with cream cheese, or melted cheddar cheese.
I can make a ham/egg & cheese sandwich too!  We also have organic cinnamon rolls and sifgnaiyot
(that's a European-style raspberry filled donut). 

We have also added an array of home-made cookin' specials including NY Style Lasagna (with beef & pork), Taco Pie (no, its not very spicy), and made-from scratch hummus!  Give us a whirl! Let Rod & I do the cookin' this week.

When you stop in   ask about the Palouse Picnic speciality planned for Saturday, August 16th.
Reservations required!  Or call me at 747-6294.

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