Monday, August 04, 2014

Saturday Fun at Palouse Cafe

The house was packed this Saturday with a lot of new visitors and friends stopping by for an custom omelette and buttermilk pancake.  We even had some high-flying guests visit! Newcomers are always made to feel welcome and part of the On Sacred Grounds Family.  It's like eating a delicious breakfast at home; however,  you don't have to do the dishes!

 Starting on Saturday, August 9th and continuing to the fall, On Sacred Grounds will be hosting a Farmers' market on Saturday morning from 9 AM till Noon.  The first two vendors will be CasaCano Farms (Madyson and Jorge).  Their farm is located on South Windmill Drive off the Palouse Highway. You can't get more local than that!  Tom Weber will also be around with his fresh, local, organic chickens.  He raises them in a cute little farm next to Hangman Creek!  Becky and Lon Jasper have left some wonderful pre-packaged feta and chevre cheese.  They range in price from $6 to $7.50 a block.  They go great with a salad or on a cracker!
 Don't forget the Thursday Exchange Luncheon!   Elaine's Home-made Macaroni and Cheese is on the menu.  Deputy size is $3.99.  Sheriff portion is only $6.99.  Fresh, deluxe salad will be also available for $3.99.   We serve it hot beginning at 11:30 AM!  See ya there!

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