Thursday, March 07, 2013

Look Who Else Came For Lunch at On Sacred Grounds

Hailing all the way from Spokane, these two wayfarers [Go Zags!] popped for a little bite. Today's menu featured home-made tomato cream soup, grilled cheese with two kosher pickles and two scoop ice cream cup (with fresh fruit or embellished with Hallett's Mocha Sauce.  

Every Thursday, Elaine whips a special menu for the occasion, which is officially called the Exchange Luncheon BECAUSE Thursday is the day that the Exchange comes out.  Everyone gathers to pick up their free copy.  The two most important items you'll find in the exchange: yard sales and gun sales.   [You are in the country y'know. ]  

Next Thursday, Elaine will create her signature twice baked potatoes (using local WA organic potatoes)  with a side of freshly cooked chili.  Dessert is yet to be determined.  While there is always room for one more, the menu often sells out.  Elaine prepares enough for her 'regulars' and a little more.  If you are interested in joining this local group, give Elaine a call at 747-6294 or send her an e-mail at onsacredgroundsrising@gmail.com and she'll reserve a chair. 

Luncheon begins around noon and goes till 2 PM.